Dior Addict Fluid Sticks: Gorgeous, Lush, Slick Liquid Lipsticks!

There’s a plethora of lip creams being launched lately, and there are slight differences to each range, but I have to say I’m very impressed by Dior’s new Addict Fluid Sticks.

They remind me slightly of YSL’s Glossy Stains in texture, except the color is much more intense and doesn’t stain. The formula is water-based, not wax-based, and it goes on watery and slick, but the solvents evaporate quickly, and you’re left with an almost gel-like film on the lips which is high-gloss, but not greasy or sticky feeling.

The applicators are nice and easy to use; nothing as tricky as the YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush applicators, which is a major plus, since you need to get these on relatively quickly for nice even coverage. 

Wear-time is decent; I had no problems wearing it to the 7-hour mark before I wiped it off for a late lunch. The sheen does wear away a bit after a couple of hours of talking, pressing the lips together, and sipping from a cup, but most of it does stay on.

The 4 “It” shades Dior recommends for the season are variations on coral, and all swatched above:

338 Mirage - coral-toned beige

551 Aventure - pink-hued bright coral

639 Artifice - orange-toned coral

754 Pandore - bright poppy red

Of course, there are always coordinating “It” nail shades too.

551 and 754 have matching polishes, but the other 2 nail shades are slightly different. 338 Mirage is a bright orchid purple instead of beige, and the last nail shade is a gorgeous candy pink, 575 Wonderland (which incidentally DOES have a matching Fluid Stick so check that out).

My bet is on 551 Aventure being the hot favorite for the lips, and 575 Wonderland being the winner for the nail category (or at least tying with 551)!

P.S. a note on that last picture; I recalled Aventure looked a little familiar, and found an Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse No 3 (lip swatch in the link), which looks very similar in tone, if a little brighter, less glossy and more opaque than the Dior. (The Innisfree texture is closer to the Shu Uemura Tint In Gelatos, although there isn’t an equivalent color.)

If you’re in Singapore and on a shoestring budget, these are something to look at as they cost S$17 each.